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Agendas & Minutes


Meetings of the Board of Trustees will be held at the Carlsbad Unified School District Office, 6225 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92009 unless otherwise noted. All regular meetings will be held at 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

2024 Board Meeting Schedule

Regular Board meetings are streamed live on the District’s YouTube channel and can be watched live, and can also be watched on-demand at a later date.

Meeting agendas can be found here or in the table below.

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2024 Board Agendas, Minutes, and Materials


Date Agenda Minutes Materials


Jun 12, 2024


Revised Agenda 



May 15, 2024







May 1, 2024






Apr 17, 2024






Mar 27, 2024


Revised Agenda




Mar 13, 2024






Feb 21, 2024

Agenda Minutes


Feb 7, 2024

Agenda Minutes


Jan 17, 2024





Board meetings are streamed live on the District’s YouTube channel and can be watched live, and can also be watched on-demand at a later date.


Members of the public are welcome to attend Board meetings.

The Board shall give members of the public an opportunity to address the Board on any item of interest to the public that is within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board.  (Education Code 35145.5; Government Code 54954.3).

In order to conduct District business in an orderly and efficient manner, the Board requires that public comments to the Board comply with the following procedures:

  1. At a time so designated on the agenda at a regular meeting, members of the public may bring before the Board matters that are not listed on the agenda.  The Board shall take no action or discussion on any item not appearing on the posted agenda, except as authorized by law.

  2. For items appearing on the posted agenda, members of the public may address the Board about the item at a time so designated as part of the agenda item.

    • The Board President will note whether speakers are addressing a specific item at the correct time on the agenda, and will redirect speakers if they are not speaking to the appropriate item.

  3. Blue “Request to Speak” forms are available to all audience members who wish to speak on any agenda item and/or under the category of “Oral Communications.” Interested speakers must submit completed blue “Request to Speak” forms to the Board’s recording secretary in advance of the item presentation. Blue “Request to Speak” forms will not be accepted once the agenda item has commenced.

  4. Per Board Bylaw 9323, individual speakers will be allowed up to three (3) minutes to address the Board on each agenda or non agenda item, and the Board will limit the total time for public input on each item to twenty (20) minutes. 

    • In an effort to hear as many speakers as possible, comment times may be shortened, depending on the number of comments received. Generally, if there are seven or fewer speakers, each speaker will be given three minutes. If there are eight to ten speakers, each speaker will be limited to two minutes. If there are eleven or more speakers, each speaker will be limited to one minute.

    • If there are more than 20 speakers, which would consume more than 20 minutes, all speakers who are not able to speak during the 20 minutes allocated for each item will have the opportunity to address the Board at a specific time later in the meeting. This will allow the Board to conduct the Board’s business during the meeting.

    • One speaker’s time may not be ceded to another speaker.

    • In exceptional circumstances when necessary to ensure full opportunity for public input, the Board president may, with Board consent, adjust the amount of time allowed for public input and/or the time allotted for each speaker. 

  5. During the public comment section of the Board Meeting, speakers are generally given the opportunity to address the Board on a first come first serve basis.  However, when it appears that public comment will extend beyond 20 minutes, the following groups will be moved to the head of the line: Carlsbad Unified Council of PTAs, the Carlsbad Educational Foundation, the Carlsbad Unified Teachers Association, the Laborers' International Union of North America, and current CUSD students.

If you wish to provide written comments for the Board to review, e-mail your comments to no later than noon on the day of the meeting. The public is encouraged to submit feedback at least 24 hours before the meeting to allow time for Trustees to review the comments. Emailed comments will not be read out loud during the meeting.



Please be respectful of others in attendance. 

Please show support or agreement with a speaker by briefly holding up your hands and waving your fingers. If you disagree with a speaker, please remain silent. Please refrain from whistling, clapping, cheering, or booing because loud, boisterous, and unruly behavior interferes with the ability of the Board to conduct the school district’s business. Following a warning from the Board president, those engaging in disruptive behavior will be asked to leave; if necessary, the Board president may order the room cleared.

Please keep all aisles and other designated pathways, including fire exits, clear at all times, in accordance with the rules of the fire marshall.

Please wait to come to the podium until you are called; just one person is permitted at the podium at a time. An exception is made for a young student who is speaking and wishes for support by an adult. 

Please be sensitive to those who wish to social distance by not congregating in doorways and aisles. 


Board Bylaw 9323:

The Board president shall not permit any disturbance or willful interruption of Board meetings.  Persistent disruption by an individual or group or any conduct or statements that threaten the safety of any person(s) at the meeting shall be grounds for the president to terminate the privilege of addressing the Board.

The Board may remove disruptive individuals and order the room cleared if necessary. In this case, members of the media not participating in the disturbance shall be allowed to remain, and individuals not participating in such disturbances may be allowed to remain at the discretion of the Board. When the room is ordered cleared due to a disturbance, further Board proceedings shall concern only matters appearing on the agenda.  (Government Code 54957.9)

When such disruptive conduct occurs, the Superintendent or designee shall contact local law enforcement as necessary.