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No Place For Hate Program - Descriptions and Definitions

Descriptions/Definitions of No Place for Hate Terms

No Place for Hate Committees

A No Place for Hate Committee is made up of a team of students, staff, and parents who are committed to building kind, inclusive school communities. No Place for Hate Committees are student led and adult supported.  The committee has specific tasks to complete this year:

  1. Planning and Implementing the signing of the No Place for Hate Pledge
  2. Planning and Implementing three activities based on areas of need for each school site.  

To accomplish these tasks, committee members often look at student feedback and site based data to determine needs on campus.  Adults in the committee may help students think through logistics or provide support in implementing activities.

No Place for Hate Workshop

The No Place for Hate workshop is similar to the staff anti bias training.  The workshop is in person and limited in attendance to around 35 total participants, mostly students.  With the support of the ADL trainer, students and adults reflect on their own identity, examine and challenge bias, and have discussions about ways to use their knowledge of the needs of their school community to plan next steps in helping create positive, inclusive school environments.


In high school, workshops are full day with ½ day workshops in elementary school and middle school.  At elementary school, the workshop is limited to 4th and 5th grade students.


Below you will find the agenda for each site workshop:

  • Welcome and Introduction: Establishing ground rules and community guidelines to create a safe and respectful learning environment.
  • Identity Activities: Exploring the various dimensions of identity and how they influence our thinking and behavior.
  • Examining Bias Activities: Developing an understanding of prejudice and discrimination, examining personal stereotypes and prejudices, and recognizing how bias impacts society.
  • Challenging Bias Activities: Equipping participants with practical skills for responding to bias, problem-solving, and standing up against bias-motivated behaviors.
  • Action Planning Activities: Providing tools and guidance to help participants develop positive change goals and brainstorm activities that promote inclusion on our school campus.
  • Closing and Evaluation: Summarizing key points covered in the workshop and motivating participants to take meaningful next steps both individually and collectively.
No Place for Hate Pledge

The No Place for Hate Pledge signing is an opportunity to connect with the entire student body in an activity to commit to treating others with kindness, respect, and work to foster a prejudice-free school.  Schools are encouraged to display the signed pledge.  


The No Place for Hate Program Pledge can be viewed here for Elementary Schools and here for Secondary Schools.

Please note that the exact wording of the No Place for Hate Program Pledge may differ slightly at a school site.

No Place for Hate Activities No Place for Hate Activities are the school wide activities planned by the No Place for Hate Committee.  These are focused on creating and maintaining inclusive, positive school climates.  School data is often used to determine what is most needed on each site.
Lesson Plans, Books, Resources The Anti-Defamation League, on their website, provides recommendations on lesson plans, books, and resources.  These lesson plans, books, and resources are not part of our implementation of No Place for Hate.