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No Place For Hate Pledge Signings and Activities

School Pledge Activity One Activity Two Activity Three
Aviara Oaks Middle  

Building an Inclusive Class Community: Classroom activities about how all of us can include each other.

Example: All of Us Quilt-2nd Grade (9/11/23-9/29/23)

Mean moments, Conflicts and Bullying: Students learn about bullying and how to respond. Students also learned about how it feels to be a target of bullying as well as the role of a bystander and about becoming an upstander.  4th and 5th grade students watched this video as part of this lesson. 3rd grade students watched this video as part of this lesson.

(9/31/23-10/2/23 - this activity was approved retroactively based on efforts related to National Bullying Prevention Month).

Buena Vista Elementary School

Buena Vista Pledge 

Students from the site No Place for Hate Committee presented the pledge to classrooms and students had the opportunity to sign the pledge.  (12/19/23)

Calavera Hills Elementary School        
Hope Elementary Hope Elementary used individual hands to creatively pledge to treat others with kindness and speak up against bullying. Hope students engaged in a lesson on empathy for their first NPFH Activity throughout the month of December.    
Jefferson Elementary

Jefferson Pledge

4th and 5th grade students at Jefferson met with students on in each class to share the commitment to treat each other with kindness.  They signed the pledge using their finger prints so that all students could participate. (10/18/23)

Jefferson Elementary focused their first activity around inclusion, empathy, and kind words.  Activities were organized by grade level (TK-1, 2-3, and 4-5).

Kelly Elementary

Kelly Pledge

Kelly Elementary students completed the pledge as part of their Compassion Day Activity.

Compassion Day Kelly

Compassion Day: Kelly Elementary implemented their annual Compassion Day. All students experienced rotations and activities aimed at helping them understand what it may be like to experience a disability. Stations included experience with physical disabilities, communication with an AAC device scavenger hunt, a focus station to experience ADD/ADHD, and a zones of regulation station. Student participation in the stations was followed up with in-class discussion. (10/6/23)

Magnolia Elementary

Magnolia Pledge

5th grade students presented the No Place for Hate Pledge to each classroom on 1/25/23



Pacific Rim Elementary


Pacific Rim Pledge

Pacific Rim students signing the Pledge.


The school counselor led the Scoot Game which focuses on acceptance.  Students review different scenarios in a fast paced game with the goal of practicing acceptance, while providing students with a clear understanding of acceptance. The school counselor led class activities, using the Salem Witch Trials as historical example, to illustrate how people have judged others before seeking to understand another person, emphasizing the negative effects of rumors.

The school counselor will lead a lesson on the power of words. 

Find the lesson here.

Poinsettia Elementary Pointsettia students presented the No Place for Hate Pledge to students in each class on January 29th.      

Aviara Oaks Middle School

Aviara Oaks Middle School held their pledge signing on December 12th, 2023.      
Calavera Hills Middle School CHMS students learned about the No Place for Hate Pledge the week of December 1st: Student Video CHMS: Everyone Has a Story: The Identity Iceberg.  Students at CHMS will take part in an activity in advisory classes about the importance of getting to know others through this slideshow.    
Valley Middle School VMS students learned about the No Place for Hate Pledge the week of December 4th: Student Presentation.      
Carlsbad High School On 11/27/23, CHS organized the signing of the No Place for Hate Pledge through advisory using this activity. On 1/08/23, CHS held its first activity with a focus on micro-aggressions in a lesson in advisory. Students will view this slideshow to engage with the topic in advisory. For their 2nd activity, the No Place for Hate team at CHS focused on helping students and staff understand and empathize with others who are neurodivergent and/or disabled.  The activity was completed in three parts. First, a classroom activity, then an inclusivity assembly, and finally students will share stories/experiences with ableism, or harassment due to their disability or for being neurodivergent.  These stories will then be shared on CHSTV.  
Sage Creek High School SCHS will be signing the No Place for Hate on January 24th, 2024. Wordslam Activity #1- During Advisory on 2/28- Display in Library- Slide Deck    
Carlsbad Village Academy        
Carlsbad Seaside Academy        


Additional Information on Forward Together Efforts:


  • Part of our CUSD Forward Together efforts is sharing that, despite our differences, we often have more in common than might be initially apparent.  A common metaphor for explaining this in through the concept of an Iceberg–where ther is more below the surface than is at first recognizable above the surface.  Sites may utilize this ADL Identity Iceberg lesson or some variation of the concept when helping students better understand themselves and others in pursuit of inclusion, belonging, and unity.