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English Learner Services

English Learner Services

Program Overview

The purpose of this program is to ensure English Learner (EL) students attain English proficiency and meet the same challenging state academic standards.

Who is an English Learner?

An English learner is a student with a primary language other than English who needs extra instruction to learn the skills in English required for success in the regular school program. Students are identified based on information families provide on the Home Language Survey during registration and the results of the English Learner Proficiency Assessment for California (ELPAC). 

Supports for English Learners

English Learner students receive English Language Development (ELD) to build their proficiency in English and academic success. Students receive Designated ELD to focus on developing English language proficiency as a stand-alone subject, either as a course in secondary or a small group in elementary. Students also received Integrated ELD throughout the day, using specific strategies and support to assist students with accessing the content. 


Identified students remain English Learners until they meet reclassification criteria, which includes proficiency on the ELPAC, comparison of student performance in basic skills, teacher evaluation, and parent opinion/consultation.


2023-2024 DELAC Meetings

English Learner Program Contacts

English Learner Services email:

Ana Ramirez, ELD Specialist
760 331-6079

Stacey Ross, ELD Specialist
760  331-5303

Kasia Obrzut, Director of Elementary 
760 331-5014