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About the District

 About the District


Original Carlsbad school photoThe intertwined roots of the Carlsbad community and its schools hark back to 1872, when "Carlsbad by the Sea" began to burgeon as an agricultural community and resort destination. The original Carlsbad School, pictured here circa 1890, was located on the site of current Pine Avenue Park on Harding Street in the downtown/Barrio area.

As true with many California districts, CUSD boundaries are older than most of the cities that it serves. Today, the District covers approximately 42 square miles, serves a Carlsbad population of over 110,000, as well as the communities of Oceanside and San Marcos. For more information on the Carlsbad Community, check out the City of Carlsbad website

CUSD is recognized as one of the highest-achieving school districts in the county. Many of our schools have been identified as Distinguished Schools at the federal and state levels.

A major factor for families, as well as businesses planning to relocate to Carlsbad is this excellence in education that has earned our district schools and staff numerous awards and recognition.

We have recently modernized Carlsbad High School, four elementary schools, two middle school campuses, and our brand new Sage Creek High School, which welcomed the first group of students for the 2013-14 school year. 

Our schools are also supported by dedicated teachers, classified and management employees, parent volunteers and leaders, and an assortment of foundations and support groups, all of whom contribute to our success with students.